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Welcome to the ‘Uni Student Life’, the UK’s best student hub and website.

Whilst on our search for finding the best student content on the web, we stumbled across many sites – all sites were owned by publishers and larger corporations. These sites had little/no unique content, thus did not interest us. Yet somehow were monetising on us – the student.

‘A site created by students for students.’

The one underlying principle is we are students, we know what others want to read. Thus, our content weighs more, rather than reproduce tabloid nonsense.

Content Which Matters

The site aims at offering content to keep you entertained at university, but also to offer insights for those coming to Uni in the next year, or so. We have the latest information about trends, whether it is about fashion, entertainment, clubbing or the top things to do whilst at university. Even if you need information about cooking - we have it!

Giveaways and Competitions

From time to time we run a number of competitions, with some great prizes and giveaways.

 First hand Experience

Our information is based on first hand experiences, which we find out from our peers and our colleges at university. We publish a lot of information, which covers all aspects of student life from health, money saving techniques and offers that will help you save.

 Write for us

If you are interested in writing for us or collaborating, we are currently looking for other student writers to extend our writers circle geographically. Or, if you have great digital/social media skills – if each of us have this role on our CV what’s not to stop you.  For further information please click here.

 Social Media

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Who We Are

Wouldn’t you like to know more. We are a bunch of students (obviously), studying at: Bristol, Sussex, Leeds, Oxford and the Open University. The team page is soon to come!


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