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Healthy Snack Recommendation

Healthy snacks do exist.  It can be tempting to snack on some crisps or a chocolate bar in-between lectures. Considering the busy lifestyle students live, the easy route may be grabbing something quick and easy to consume – without any thought of health.

It is likely that you’re going to be tempted to snack on whatever you can find at University. Nonetheless, a number of snacks feature a bunch of unhealthy ingredients. These range from unwanted fats, salts and high levels of sugars.

There are a number of options to avoid eating unhealthy snacks, the first being not buying them at all. Then again when you’re peckish a trip to the local supermarket or shop will not be of major concern. Therefore, avoid eating unhealthy snacks by stock up on something healthy.

Why the healthier options of snacking are more favourable:

  • Weight control
  • Avoiding long-term diseases
  • Increased energy
  • Help with mood swings

It is known that unhealthy foods lead to weight gain, and in some cases can lead to heart disease. As well as this, unhealthy snacks can lead to short term jolts of energy but are followed by a crash. This results in you feeling sleepy and in some cases down.  Thus, avoid this at university by only eating healthy foods.


Yu! Fruits

A brand we would recommend is Yu!. The brand Yu! Create healthy snacks for kids and adults. They have found a means of bringing fruit back into people’s lives. Yu! Have a number of flavoursome snacks from: fruit pieces, fruit chews, fruit bars and granola pouches. They have found a means of offering healthy snacks at low costs which really taste great!  You can find Yu! Products in: Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose nationwide.  Plus their snacks count as one of your 5-a-day with no added sugar. If you are looking for further cooking advice click here.


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Disclaimer: We were sent some samples to review.