Dealing with a hangover at University

A common retort from some recent graduates is that they spent most of their time at university hungover. Being hungover for a student is a norm. Booze is usually the priority for some, whereas food a commodity for survival, some believe.

Anyway, this article will explore ways of dealing with a hangover. Hangovers get worse over years, thus to deal with a hangover and actually manage to get to university means you’re a legend.

In news it has been highlighted that billions of dollars are lost each year because of hangovers. Yes, employees are pretty bad at dealing with hangovers, so imagine student attendance rates. We caught up with one graduate who said her attendance was below 50% in her first year at university, and increased slightly to 60% in third year. She said the multiple warnings helped in the short term, but she mentioned ‘it was a struggle getting up for 9AM’s after a heavy night out’. So here are our steps to dealing with a hangover at university.

More than 75% of alcohol consumers have experienced a hangover once.

What really is a hangover

To actual be able to deal with your hangover, you need to know what it is and why you feel like you feel.  Common symptoms of hangovers for alcohol consumers are headaches and a poor sense of wellbeing. When alcohol enters the blood stream it causes a block of the pituitary gland, which halters the creation of vasopressin. In other words your kidneys send water directly to your bladder instead of absorbing it.

Deal with it

The first step dealing with that hangover after a heavy night out is to deal with it. Yes, your head hurts and in some instances you might still be slightly drunk or tipsy. But, you’re going to have to get up at one stage, and deal with your hangover so do it when you have to. A hot steamy shower would be recommended; this will help sweat out the alcohol. Plus probably wake you up.


No not alcohol, but rather you need to drink water. Down a couple of pints of water as soon as you wake up to rehydrate yourself. Fruit juice or sports energy drinks will help, as you need to restore liquids to deal with your hangover at university. Avoid coffee as this will only dehydrate you, meaning that you will feel the hangover more.

Eat something

Fruits such as bananas and kiwis are full of potassium. If you have any oats eat them as they contain vitamin B. Avoid grabbing a fry up, or a bacon sandwich from the university café. We would also recommend chicken noodle soup; it should help restore your sodium and water levels.

Those are the steps to dealing with your hangover at university, get out of bed, shower, drink loads and you should be fine.  Make sure you have a bottle of water and some snacks to revitalise your.