Essential student moving and packing advice

The day has come when you have received your final mark for your A-Levels and you have been welcomed with open arms into your dream university. However, before you start thinking of all the studies of your course and the “freshers” parties that you can attend, you need to think of your accommodation and how you’re going to get there. Once you are ready to pack, here are some tips on how you can get your items from your parent’s house to your new accommodation in one piece.

What to take with you?

When you move you need to take as many as your belongings with you as possible. However, outside of your toiletries, personal items and decorations to make your room feel more like home, do you have the main essentials that will help you fully integrate and register for university life? These include:

  • Your National Insurance Number
  • Your Passport and Drivers Licence to serve as ID
  • Your Student Finance and University Documents, including your Acceptance letter
  • Your Accommodation Acceptance letter
  • Your Course Acceptance Letter
  • Your Bank Details
  • Student Discount Card Details

If you are worried about any of these documents going missing on your move, then be sure to take copies of them before you go down. That way you can always have spares if the originals get lost.

Packing Essentials

Should you have more fragile objects than expected, then feel free to pack them up in either plastic containers or solid cardboard boxes. Once these are padded out with bubble wrap, fabric or soft material, and any fragile items wrapped in cloth or a towel, then you are ready to put them in your transport. Be sure to not pack anything to over 30 pounds. This way you can avoid any back related injuries due to the weight of the box.

If you are still worried about the weight whilst carrying the boxes outside, why not ask your friends or loved ones to help you carry it? But be sure to thank them for their efforts with a cold beer or quick trip to the pub before you go. This can make them feel appreciated and ready to visit you in the future.

Looking for the right moving vehicle

When you are packing your bags to go to your accommodation, you need to consider whether you want to have moving-service to help move your things or if you want to hire a van that you can drive to university. Whilst hiring a true moving-service can have professionals help you move the heavier objects to the van before packing it away in the most efficient away to protect them more fragile objects inside the van.

However, with driving your own van you can choose the most appropriate size. If you only have a few things to take to decorate your bedroom and place in storage boxes, then you would be looking at typical small van load space specifications, whilst if you are planning on taking a lot more then a bigger van would best suit your needs. Instead of taking multiple trips, you can even ask your parents to follow you in their car with a few more supplies that you may need for the future. This means you do not need to worry about fuel costs for the trip.