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Nightmare on Student Street

Ever wondered what your neighbour thinks of students?

Your neighbour turns up at your house party. Not actually to join the party, but rather to try and tell you to keep the volume down. However, it just happens that there is a fancy dress theme, and she is wearing her dressing gown and slippers. Of course your best mate who answers the doors thinks she’s actually turned up to enjoy a beverage. The beverage possibly of the finest concoction: vodka, gin and cordial - with an extra dash of water for safety measure. Your mates initial reaction is to ask what the fuck she’s dressed up as. Your perplexed neighbour decides to write a beautiful letter the next day, describing in grave detail of how she could not sleep and how your mate was a very rude drunkard (true story).

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Every student has been there, and had to deal with multiple complaints from neighbours that hate all social interactions. We caught up with a student at Oxford Brookes University; she mentioned that it was typical to have “that one neighbour whom would always find an excuse to complain”. Most students over the span of their university degree will receive numerous complaints from their neighbours, or even in some cases University.

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Of course, the story wouldn’t be complete if we hadn’t of asked the neighbour what fault she found with us students. Apparently, the ideal location to town and easy access to the 

University meant that the location was always going to be a good choice for students. Nonetheless, she mentioned that each year she experiences the same problems with “loud music, traffic cones moved to block the road or on top of her car”. “The majority of ‘for sale’ signs ripped down”, she even went as far to declare that she once found all of the bins tipped upside down and the rubbish  scattered all down the road. We managed to find out she had only lived there for four years, and it’s clear her experiences have been detrimental to her thoughts, and beliefs.

streetNevertheless, we asked a man who has lived next to two student houses in Bristol for over 30 years if he had experienced any problems. He told us that he hadn’t, of course he expected there to be noise at times. And, he did “see a girl being rescued once by the fire brigade after climbing onto the roof of the house during a party”, but it did not really bother him. He said that compared to most of the other neighbours that students were actually polite.

Many students who actually move away from home it’s the first chance to be independent, and to let their hair down. But, of course after any party or massive predrinks sessions there will always be that one neighbour who complains. Sometimes it’s best to ignore them. Its house hunting season for students continuing next year, this shouldn’t be a means of dissuading them but rather persuading them that not all are dicks. Happy house hunting you may want to avoid these houses.

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