Scottish Skiing

Did you know that you can actually go skiing in Scotland? We didn’t, and we aren’t talking about indoor Snow Domes but actual pistes.

Before you start searching for ‘Where to ski in Scotland?’ or ‘snowsports Scotland’ check out the infographic below. Scottish skiing isn’t going to have the same appeal as downing a beer whilst dancing to progressive house at La Folio Douce, nonetheless any skiing is fun.

Believe it or not there are actually 5 resorts in Scotland. With each resort varying in slope length, the number of chair lifts and average snow depth. If that isn’t appealing enough, you probably wont enjoy skiing in Scotland or skiing at all. If you’re looking for a cheeky weekend student ski holiday it might be worth looking into the prices at these various resorts, and make sure you bring the right ski equipment!

Props to Sainsburys Bank for creating this infographic.