10 Ways to Procrastinate

Whether you have a finals exam coming up or have to hand your thesis, it’s not uncommon to feel the urge to procrastinate a bit. We’re not saying that you should, but here are 10 unconventional ways to avoid studying:

Binge watch a new series on Netflix or Amazon Video

Netflix is hugely popular all around the world and so is Amazon Video. There are always new shows being added, and you can certainly find one or two right away that you can get hooked onto. Or maybe just watch some old series, like Seinfeld or The X-Files. Or rewatch Breaking Bad or The Walking Dead from season 1 again.

Search for successful people without college degrees

Not all successful people have a college degree, and while it would not be wise to recommend not going to college or university, you should certainly look up the plethora of successful men and women who did not pursue higher education. Richard Branson and Rachael Ray are among the many highly successful people who did not attend university courses.

Watch movie reviews on YouTube

You may have watched the movies and may have discussed them with your friends, but there is nothing more entertaining than watching a complete stranger give his or her thoughts on the same film. The best thing is that you can comment on his video and make sure that he or she knows what you think of the video.

Try your hand at online gambling

If you have bitcoins and do not know a productive way to use them, then try your hand at wagering some small bets. Do remember to go through the gambling guides, though. They are quite easy to follow, and playing poker or roulette online can be quite fun.


all the books” (CC BY 2.0) by michael pollak

Learn about everything except your topic

If you have a Chemistry test or have a paper on English Literature to hand in the following morning, what about learning about everything and anything except that pertains to you? That can certainly be fun, and who knows, it could even come in handy in the future during chats and discussions.

Do yoga

Yoga is great for the body and the mind, and perhaps half an hour of yoga followed by another half an hour of meditation could really cleanse your soul. All you need are a few exercise videos on YouTube.

Cook something new

Maybe you know how to cook, maybe you don’t. Whatever the case might be, there are still enough dishes that you could try for yourself. After all, all recipes can be found online.

Start a journal

What about starting a journal? Or perhaps even writing an autobiography. You never know. They could come in handy one day when you become famous.

Play chess

Chess is an intellectual game, and you can find someone in your dorm who is always up for a game of chess. Even if you cannot find anyone, you can always play on the computer.


Sleeping may not be an exercise or an activity, but it is certainly something that we all enjoy. What about a long long nap in the evening before a tough exam? That certainly sounds relaxing.

Thanks for reading!