The key rules of lecture hall etiquette

A packed lecture hall is an unavoidable aspect of University life. Whilst many students are acing their degree, they certainly don’t meet the grade for lecture hall etiquette. It’s not inconceivable to think that students would have mastered the art early, but even now, some of the most mature students are guilty of the most sinful lecture hall behaviour. Auditorium seating specialists, Race Furniture are ready to address one of the most under discussed issues at Universities across the globe -  lecture hall behaviour.

Don’t sit at the edge until everyone is in!

There is no greater eye rolling, sigh induced scenario than arriving at your lecture to see dozens of empty seats, only to be blocked in by a student who has decided to sit at the beginning of the row. Now you find yourself climbing over backpacks with fully extended legs, though small gaps made even smaller by the fact the extended desk has been pulled out.

…The solution?

All it takes is for everyone to scoot down to the end of the aisle. This way, the dozens of empty seats become available. If you need to leave early then,  by all means, make sure you claim that last seat. Make sure you don’t sit down until everyone else has though

Don’t get too comfy!

A water bottle, a pen and a notebook is really all you need for a lecture. You don’t need a big bag of snacks, complete with a pillow and a blanket. Remember, you are not moving apartments, you’re choosing a seat. If you ever wondered why people are staring at you funny, now you know. Not only do they have to contend with your blanket for the armrest, but the constant rustling from the snacks will surely distract them

Use your laptop wisely

You would think that students wouldn’t want the world to know about their personal matters. However, it’s quite incredible the amount of students who bring their laptops to lectures and sit there browsing the various social media sites, presenting their life as show and tell to the rest of the class. A laptop can be great asset for learning, but bringing a laptop to a lecture means you need a certain degree of restraint and responsibility.

Sleep in a bed!

Is there much sense in dragging yourself out of bed in the morning and going through your morning routine for you to fall asleep at your chair? Although it shows a certain level of commitment by just being there, you may aswell do yourself and your professor a favour by staying in bed and resting. You might actually be rested enough to make the next lecture in the morning!

Stop leaving your drinks on the floor

Lecture theatres can be a tight squeeze, so why do so many students leave their drinks on the floor? While this may be acceptable for a sealed bottle of water, leaving a cup of coffee lying there is hazardous. Make sure you look at the ground before squeezing through. If you are the culprit, try and keep your coffee cup on your desk or in your hands. If you need further information on lecture etiquette it can be found here