Top Tips for Enjoying a Trip to the Races

Having a day at the horse racing is an experience like no other. It combines the perfect amount of having a nice day out, likely all dressed up, with gambling, excitement, and having a drink with your mates. Horse racing festivals have developed beyond simply being a place for people to bet on live horse racing: it’s a proper day out now; a wildly popular one at that.

So, here are some tips to help you to get the most out of your trip to the races.

Time to suit up!

For a lot of people, it is only on the odd occasion that you get to throw on your really classy apparel and look your best, and the horse racing can be one of these occasions. Most of the big festivals such as the Cheltenham Festival or the Royal Ascot are very classy events in appearance – some of them even have dress codes – so it’s a great excuse to suit up!


Win some money!

While horse racing festivals have become more than just a place to watch the races, and bet on them, the main goal of going is to win some money.

When it comes to horse racing, you are given a plethora of stats and facts to consider when placing your bets. While you can get a race programme at the event, it’s always best to do some research the night before, so that you have a good idea of where you want to bet on the day.

Some would say to always back the favourite as it’s the logical way to bet, but with the opportunity to bet each-way and the fact that the favourites don’t always win – especially at the big events – you can win money on the horses at longer odds. To find the secret gems who could pull in some serious money for you, you’ll want to focus your research on the horse’s race history.

‘Royal Ascot’ by M.o.B 68 via Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Looking into the types of distances, races, and courses that a horse is successful on can be a major indicator of their potential success on the given race day. If they’ve run that track during the year and performed well – preferably winning or placing – then that’s a good early indicator. You’ll want to look into other aspects such as their competition, weight, tips, and how they behave on the day, but past form is a good place to start.

Some people do only attend these festivals for the occasion of the event and to have fun with their friends, but the majority of people will be there to bet. Are you looking where to bet on Royal Ascot? Click here and sign up to William Hill today! The bookmaker has Order of St George going off as 4/5 favourite in the meet’s showpiece Gold Cup, but there are plenty more races taking place throughout the weekend.

Explore the course

Race courses host more than just the race these days, with a wealth of food stands, places to grab a drink, and other such activities to enjoy throughout the day. With plenty of time between each race, you’ll be able to explore the festival.

However, as is the case at many big sports events in the UK, food can come at quite a hefty price, so be sure to bring plenty of cash to get something to eat, after all, you’ll want to be there almost all day.

There’s no doubt that you can enjoy a trip to the races without winning money, just betting and watching your horse is thrilling by itself. But if you do your research first, you can get even more out of a great day.