5 New Year Resolutions for Students in 2014

Its only 4 days into January, and it dawned on us that we had not made a New Years resolution. After hearing that constant and irritating question, what’s your New Years resolution we decided to write this article.  Realistically, these are the type of New Year’s resolutions we would love to stick to, but being students we know that this probably won’t happen!

1. Attend every lecture and Seminar

sleeping meme

A friend of ours recently graduated this summer, and though achieving a desired 2:1. Her attendance was below 50% and she had been threatened on multiple occasions that she would be kicked out of uni. The lesson learnt here is, we aren’t as naturally clever so will probably have to work hard to get that grade, so attending every lecture should do it.

2. Be wiser with our money

student loan

Last term our loan went on a vast number of things, including clothes, a ski holiday, booze and even more booze. Yes, we drank our loans away but hey, at least we paid our rent.

3. Complete our coursework with time spare to check it 

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Not to leave coursework to the last minute. That being said, its 2014 and we have a ton of work that we should have been completed by now. Hey, January deadlines are the worst, supposedly Christmas was a time for fun not coursework.

4. Be healthier

gym meme

Stop smoking and joining the gym, the standard new years resolution that everyone seems to break. Some people actually do follow through, props to them.

5. Make the most out of Uni


A pretty generic New Years resolution, but we have heard of the nasty things that happen when you graduate (i.e. moving back home). Therefore whichever year you are in make the most out of it.

Whatever our New Years resolution, hopefully we stick to it but the likelihood of that happening is low. Just enjoy 2014.