making money whilst at university

How to make money at university

Hopefully exams are nearly done, and you’ve applied for your place at a number of fine establishments. As everyone knows, students keep banging on about being penniless, and not having any money at university. So, we decided to explore some options on how to make money at university. Making money at university can seem daunting at first, students primarily want to ensure that they attend lectures/do well. And, at the same time have fun. But, of course being a socialite can have repercussions. This guide will hopefully explain to you how to make money at university, and explore various options.

Our top 5 tips to making money at university:

1.   Part time job

Getting a part time job may seem hard, as large volumes of students descend to their new university town - increasing the amount of competition. But, luckily for some they know where to look, and know when a lot of jobs will pop-up. Bars and restaurants are a good place to start, a number of students make money at university from roles like these. You may want to hold off from applying to all jobs you see before going to uni, its best to get to your uni town and enjoy the first term without having to worry about funding. Of course, the second term may get trickier as your student loan will appear to be the holy grail - and is probably going to be your only source of income.

how to make money in unveristy

But, generally speaking bars and restaurant follow seasonal trends - in terms of recruitment. Meaning: employees go away for christmas, easter and during summer so a large number of vacancies appear. 

If you’re looking for a role in retail, then try get a transfer. Otherwise, try to find your local retail job listing or try gumtree. 

2.   Promoting

This could essentially fall under part time jobs, but we’re going to treat it as a separate entity. Promoting can be fun, it not only gives you the opportunity to go out and get paid for partying, but it could be a means of making money at university. Get hired by looking for student events, and then contacting the admins. If you can show dedication, and like being a nob occasionally then this role is perfect for you.

how to make money at university as a promoter

3.   Fiverr/Freelance

if you haven’t heard about Fiverr, its a place for people to share things their willing to do for $5. If you scan through fiver its full of crazy, and easily actionable tasks. How to make money at university: well find something you’re willing to do, or something you’re skilled in. If you’re good at graphics, or even coding set up a profile create some images and you’re ready. People even rely on it as their main source of income!

how to make money at university fiverr

Back to the skills comment, if you have a particular skill such as creating graphics, coding or even writing good content then look to freelance sites such as People Per Hour or oDesk.

4.   Blogging

Blogging will not bring you plenty of cash straight away, but it is a long-term investment. If you have any particular interests start blogging about them, or even set up a women or mens lifestyle blog; where you can document everything from going out, to what you ate for lunch. Bloggers earn cash and free items off PR and SEO teams, where companies are happy to pay anything from £50+ for a post or product review. Why do you think there are so many bloggers out there? You can run the freelance stuff alongside with blogging to maximise income.

blog meme how to make money in unversity

5. Intern

You’re probably frowning at this, but there are a range of internships that offer some cash benefits/salary. Not only will you gain some creditable skills, which will help you get an awesome job after university - but, the chances of you being taken on after the intern ends can be relatively high.

how to make money at university

There are many way to make money at university, hopefully this article ‘how to make money at university’ helps and assists you in your conquest.

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