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Stopping smoking as a student

If you didn’t know, two-thirds of smokers start before the age of 18. With female smokers highest in the 20-24 year old age bracket. If you missed the article produced by the NHS, it is no surprise that studies show that students are more likely to drink and smoke than the general population. Nevertheless, stopping smoking as a student may seem hard but it is completely possible.

The risks of smoking

Everyone knows the risks, but to reiterate some of the issues: smoking increases the chances of lung cancer and heart disease. It also ages your skin, and can lead to a range of other underlying health issues.

Tips to help you as a student stop smoking

Stopping smoking can be hard. Extremely hard. It does require a lot of willpower and complete dedication to stop. Considering the fact that students know full well; that they will more than likely be in situations where they’ll be tempted to smoke it can be probably one of the hardest tasks. As well as this, students can face peer pressure from other friend/student smokers. Even so, if you’re reading this its probably because you want to stop smoking in the first place.

Here are our tips to help you stop smoking:

1. Stay Focused

Everyone knows that it can be hard, especially when faced with social pressures. Should you want to give up it is crucial that you stay focused. Staying focused means that you should never forget the end goal - stopping.

2. Be positive

It can be hard to stay positive when you’re eagerly trying to find any excuse to have a cigarette. But, try to think about the end goal, and try to ignore any negativity.

3. Create a plan

Stopping straight away without an immediate plan can backfire. You will need a plan-of-action, so set a date and remember to stick to it.

4. Create a list of all the reasons why you want to stop

Read this list daily, and when you’re craving a cigarette. Make sure you’re 100% honest with yourself, and have written down every reason as to why you’re stopping.

5. Create another addiction

Fight addiction with addiction. What we mean is that if you’re looking to go to the gym on a regular basis do that instead of smoking. Concentrate on the other positive things rather than yielding into that nasty habit.

Try E-Cigarettes


student smoking advice

Going cold turkey can be the hardest way in stoping. But, it is likely going to be the best way. Nonetheless, if you are thinking of stopping we would advise sticking to the date you decide you’re stoping on. When you’re having your last cigarette think of all the reasons why you are stopping. And, how you have been deceived into thinking something which actually harms you is what your craving for.

Of course its going to be tricky stopping. So one of the least harmful ways to help you stop is electronic cigarettes (otherwise known as e-cig’s or e-cigarettes). E-cigarettes work by heating up nicotine when you take a puff. This creates water vapour which is then inhaled, achieving the end sensation of smoking.

Why E-cigarettes are better than normal cigarettes

  • They do not make your clothes smell
  • They cost less (especially if you’re budgeting as a student)
  • Less of a health risk
  • You do not need to go out in the rain to smoke them

Socialites E-cigarettes

This article wouldn’t be complete unless we recommended a superior quality product. Socialites are an electronic cigarette brand which offer great products at reasonable prices. Their starter kits start from £9.99, and yes - they include free UK delivery. They offer a range of flavours, so if you can’t smoke without some kind of flavoured drink you need not worry! Be sure to check their website out here. And, remember stopping smoking takes dedication and a lot of will power.

Thank you for reading!