Things to Remember When House Hunting

Its house hunting season, for the majority of fresher’s they’re probably panicking. This is definitely going to be the first time that they will be looking for a house. Amidst the nerves they’re likely to not know where to start, or what they should be looking for. A year ago, or even two years ago many of us were in similar positions. Anyway, these are some of the things that you (the fresher) should remember when hunting.

Do not rush


Your estate agent will of course try and rush you into make a quick decision. For him or her that means one less house on the market, and a hefty commission. So remember to take your time.

Do not leave it too late


Whilst it’s important not to rush, another crucial factor that could jeopardise you from getting that dream house is leaving it too late. What we mean is, start looking but if you see a house and you really like it; take it before someone else does.



If you had a choice of having a house near your favourite clubs, or having a house next to university its evident most will choose the clubs. However, if you want the best of both worlds you might want the location of the house to be in-between both. Moreover, having university within walking distance will definitely increase the chances of you getting up for your 9am on a Monday morning.

Find out about bills


It might be worth asking when viewing the property what bills are included at the price advertised.

Admin fees


It’s also best to ask about any admin fees that you may incur, it is likely that you may be faced with a one off payment. This shouldn’t stop you from going for the house, as another group of potential tenants probably will be happy to pay it.

Taking Notes


Take notes when viewing the house, or create a check list. This will help you in choosing one property over another.

Get everything in writing

dead goose

Document everything and anything, if you move in and there is no inventory make sure that you type up a list of things that are wrong and send it over to the landlord (even if there is a dead goose in your attic). Protecting yourselves should always be a priority.

Speak to the current tenants

Generally speaking, a lot of students if they feel that the house is not the best will be happy to complain about it to you. So when you’re at the house and someone is in speak to them to find out whether they have had any problems.

Choose your house mates carefully


You will be living with your housemates nearly a year, therefore its best to choose carefully. You might also want to avoid any couples.

Remember to do Research


As a final tip to our readers, we would like to say its crucial that you do research into the letting company and also about the landlord. The internet is the starting point to your research; there are many sites that let students rate their landlords. One such example is As you might end up finding out that you used to live in a brothel or that you have an underground bomb shelter below your house.

Happy Hunting, just make sure that your house looks nothing like these.