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10 things student learn from being at university

Being at university means you learn a lot of new things, we asked a group of recently graduated students. And, here is what they have learnt. Hopefully you agree, but in essence they have summed everything up perfectly. If you have ever wondered what the 10 things students learn from being at university, this is what we found out:

  1. How to drink and not eat.
  2. How to write 2,000 words in one night.
  3. How to do the walk of shame mid-December in just a t-shirt.
  4. How to eat nothing but pasta.
  5. How to Harvard reference.
  6. How to pretend you’re actually doing work.
  7. How to have fun on a budget.
  8. How to make new friends.
  9. How to make it to university whilst hung-over.
  10. How to actually have the time of your life, whilst learning skills to shape your future.

We hope you enjoyed the post, if you believe we missed any out feel free to comment below.