another year we survived

5 Things University Students Will Miss About 2013

After replying to a text, we saw the date came up 2nd January. Then it dawned that another year has passed. Let’s just say for university students that 2013 was a fairly entertaining year. In no particular order:

1. Spotted Library Facebook pages

If you were not at Uni at the beginning of 2013, you would have missed the spotted groups. Or, possible heard about them. At the time Spotted library pages were probably one of the most entertaining things that happened to the Uni library.  One of the main motivators to actually get out of bed and make it down to the library for 9am. The pages didn’t last long before Universities were trying to shut them down. We never got spotted, but hey this girl did.

(C) Buzzfeed

(C) Buzzfeed


2. Do the Harlem Shake

At the time they appeared to be great ideas, now many students are probably cringing at the videos. During the little time that the Harlem shake was popular, we saw the Harlem shake being undertaken by various university sports clubs and even nightclubs. We bet the guy sitting on the table from Manchester University regrets this video.


3. Twerking Became A Legitimate Dance Move


(C) Buzzfeed

To some degree, then Miley Cyrus came along and spoilt the occasions for all of us. Her PR team must have hated her, other than that twerking in front of your camera became a joke. Then it became disgraceful; actually it was both all along.

miley twerking



4. Snapchat

Snapchat was the app to have in 2013. It’s slightly lost its appeal as of late, but sporadically brought a bunch of stupid yet very entertaining videos/images. Remember any of these circulating the web:

Getting your mum to pose for Snapchat... Classy.

Getting your mum to pose for Snapchat… Classy.


5. We survived another year of heavy drinking and minimal uni work 

another year we survived

These are just a few things that we remember of 2013 (well the 5 things students will miss about 2013 off the top of our heads). Lets just say that 2013 was a great year, and that we are sure 2014 will be even greater. Happy New Year, and enjoy this picture of Darwin the monkey walking around IKEA.

The boss of IKEA