Christmas Bingo

We all love the Festive season, the music, the gifts, the cheer in the air, but sometimes the Christmas parties can get a little stale. From your boss having a few too many and saying something awful, to Nan falling asleep before the dinner’s been served. Sometimes you just need to inject a little spice into the festivities. Why not try your hand at throwing your own Christmas Bingo Party! Whether it’s with friends, family or colleagues, its great fun, and you get to win prizes, what’s not to love! We’ve put together this fantastic guide to show you exactly what you need to throw your own party, from decorations, to outfits, and most importantly, all the essentials for you to play bingo this Christmas!


Tree Skirt

This snazzy Bingo themed tree skirt from Etsy is the perfect place to start your Christmas off! Handmade out of cotton and featuring a bright design filled with colour!


Christmas Crackers

These brilliant Bingo themed Crackers from Amazon are perfect for any Christmas dinner, especially one with a room full of Bingo fans! Featuring 12 Gold crackers, 36 Bingo cards, 1 set of numbers, party hats and more!


Tree Decorations

Both of these wonderful heart and star shaped Bingo themed decorations from Zazzle are perfect for brightening up the tree this year!


Wine Glasses

Add a little piece of high end flavour to your party this year with these fantastic handmade Bingo Wine glasses from Etsy.


Christmas Cookie Cutters

These awesome Bingo cookie cutters from Etsy are perfect for making Christmas treats for the whole family. Handmade from Biodegradable materials, these cookie cutters come in a whole host of different shapes, colours and sizes so they’re perfect for any party!

Drinking Game Tombola

This awesome shot glass tombola from Ebay is perfect for the grown up in any Bingo obsessed household! Great when you want to liven the party a little.


The Bingo Game

And finally, the most important part of the bingo party, the game! This set from Argos is perfect, featuring 90 numbered balls, 10 bingo cards and 120 counters, it couldn’t be simpler to host your own game!


Thanks for reading!