fat girl tinder experiment

Fat Girl Tinder Experiment

Guarantee the majority of people reading this are on Tinder, or some other form of online dating. If for some reason do not know what Tinder is, and still believe its the 16th century: Tinder is a dating app which uses your phones GPS, and your Facebook data to create a ‘dating’ profile. You’re then able to pick the images for your profile. Tinder then finds profiles within a give radius, where you can either like or dislike them based on appearance. If someone has also liked you, you then have a match. (Scroll down for the videos)

The number one fear

Did you know a recent study has shown that the number one fear for women dating online is that they are going to meet a serial killer. If you didn’t guess. The number one fear for men is that the woman is going to be fat. Simple pickup, decided to test this theory by having their friends dress up in ‘fat costumes’, and surprise their dates.

fat guy tinder experiment

This social experiment was undertaken to see whether men or women do actually fear these things, by seeing how the dates would respond. Before pressing play do you think that any of the guys or girls will stay? See below for the fat girl tinder experiment and fat guy tinder experiment.

Fat Girl Tinder Date

Fat guy tinder date

There you have it! Whether your opinion of men or women has changed from watching this social experiment, please share and subscribe to simple pickup for more social experiments. Otherwise, if you’re feeling festive check out these Christmas chat up lines.

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