Halloween Bingo

Halloween is round the corner. We’ve got a few weeks left, but if you’re thinking of hosting a Halloween party then why not include Halloween bingo?

Chuck in a few drinking games whilst playing and you’re set for an awesome Halloween party.

How to play Halloween Bingo:

  1. Print out the following Halloween cards (and 2 extra)
  2. Cut out all of the images from the extra cards
  3. Give each guest one bingo sheet
  4. Put all cut out images into a hat

A few (possible) drinking rules:

  • Last person to find the matching character on their sheet has to take a shot
  • Take a shot every time a character is called
  • The winner gets to decide who has to down their drink
  • If you don’t have the character called drink 2 shots

If you have any other suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments. Credit to Paddy Power Bingo Site for these awesome playing sheets.