Students on Tinder

Everyone has been raving on about tinder for awhile now. However, we thought we would give it a blast (only kidding). We’ve had tinder for some time now, some of us have been on dates, whereas the others as they say ‘use it for fun’ (probably meaning they haven’t got laid yet). oh, and make sure you check this guys post for the best tinder chat up lines.

But, supposedly sending random things to people whom think you’re good looking fun…. kind of! Here are a bunch of posts from us, and our mates! Enjoy.

The Desperate kind of guy on Tinder…. Do I make you wet? Your first match One last try… No response, it could have worked. Drinking pics. Just saying GF material. Odd messages. He could have written my essay. Pickup line banter Pokemon chatup line Runaway She said yes Boring convo but he got laid! Octagon. Honest type of guy. Water? Another weirdo. I don’t speak retard.