This is how you can be stupid and get famous Barraco Barner

If you’re not on twitter, and have not been keeping up with the news you probably would have missed this great story. Its a tragic one, but hey who knew that being stupid and ignorant could result in fame.

Gemma Worral, a 20-year-old receptionist became an internet celebrity after one of her tweets went viral.

The tweet

Her tweet:

If barraco barner is our president, why is he getting involved with Russia scary

Apparently, the inaccuracy and major flaws in her tweet were funny to her friends so they retweeted it. But, so did the rest of the UK……. and the world.

The tweet was going to make her an internet superstar.

Fame from followers is only a retweet away.

Within 12 hours of the tweet going up it had been tweeted up to 6,000 times (more than the actual amount of her followers at the time).  But she was loving every moment of it. Yeah honey ‘you’re sick, still look like a princess though’.

Of course, the trolls were lurking. Especially when you have your own hashtag for something as stupid such as tweeting about Barraco Barner , sorry we mean Barack Obama.

Her mistake even generated an official twitter account dedicated to the mistake.

Yeah - the official president of the United States of Britain. Trollol

Gemma soon noticed that she was being trolled.

A cry for attention, as no one really cared about pancake day.

It didn’t help that most tabloids had been covering the tweet.

And then of course so did the others. (Point A - after The Times posted an article about the tweet)

She was now a social media phenomena, and had been covered by the majority of newspapers (in the world). With over 7,000 news articles dedicated to the story.

There were of course a majority of people who were pretty ashamed of her tweet.

Oh, did we mention that she kept the story going and decided to go public on the amount of GCSE’s she ‘passed’.

Hey, she passed 17 exams!

If the whole country was allowed to cash in on stupid stories wouldn’t we all be rich. Still many people thought her tweet was still idiotic.

And, rumour has it death threats were made?

Of course her stupidity was her claim to fame… and she was proud of her achievement.


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