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Choosing a USB for Uni

Heading back to school or university? You’re probably thinking of investing in a USB, nonetheless with so many models available it’s going to be pretty hard choosing one. 

At home your tablet or smart phone is most likely going the go-to-gadget when lounging around. At school or university your tablet is going to be your study buddy. Though laptops are generally preferred, tablets are essentially a lot smaller, lighter and more portable to carry in your bag. Thus, making tablets an essential piece of equipment when studying.

Here at Uni Student Life we are excited to announce the Leef Bridge 3.0, a USB that lets you access files and documents on-the-go.

Leef Bridge 3.0

Leef bridge 3.0

The Leef Bridge 3.0 is the first USB 3.0 flash drive for moving pictures, movies, and documents from Android smartphone and tablets to PCs, MACs or other android devices. This USB is perfect for students on the move needing to access their files continuously. The next time you’re on the bus to University; you can now load all of your precious student notes without the hassle of opening your laptop or getting out your tablet.

The USB features two connectors: one normal-sized connector and a micro USB on either end which access the same memory. Thus, users can plug it in to any compatible device and transfer files at ease.

As a student you will find that you will be doing your research on your Android tablet or smartphone. Moving content across from your tablet, or phone to your laptop can be infuriating at times. With the Leef Bridge 3.0 you’re able to do this easily and quickly, without the need for cloud software or emailing work across. 

USB flash drive

These USB’s come in various sizes from: 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. The Leef 3.0’s technology makes it ten times faster than other similar flash drives. With capabilities to play movies and videos directly from the drive, therefore no need to wait on loading.

The Leef Bridge is available from Tesco’s and Amazon. Feel free to visit their website for further information, and follow them on instagram.

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Disclaimer: We were sent a USB to review, however all opinions are our own!