Freshers Dietary Recommendations

Having a balanced diet is very important. The amount you eat, as well as the different types of food you eat can impact your health. If have a well balanced diet it can reduce the risk of certain diseases. As a student, budgeting and maintaining a healthy diet can be hard. Nonetheless,  a healthy diet can obviously reduce the risk of obesity, but also help with energy levels, staying focused and feeling great.

Recent research conducted by Upbeat has revealed that 47% of students are to survive on a diet of refined carbs and sugars. This includes pizzas, doughnuts and biscuits. It is commonly known that students put on weight in their first year of university, with 42% reporting their weight having increased by 10lbs. From this, 35% of the students attributed the weight gain from eating way too many snacks. As well as the casual eating, and drinking being another reason for this weight gain.

Upbeat have some interesting nutritional tips for freshers to help combat weight gain:

  • Be prepared to cook from scratch
  • Incorporate more protein in your diets
  • Avoid unhealthy snacks
  • Never miss a meal
  • Drink lots of water
  • Reduce your alcohol intake

Upbeat Protein Drinks

If you’ve yet to hear of upbeat - they create some awesome dairy protein drinks. These drinks are suitable for students whom are always on-the-go. Upbeat drinks contain 20g of protein per bottle. And, they come in three flavours: blueberry and raspberry, strawberry and mango/passion fruit.

Each drink is made from fresh whey and real fruits

protein drinks

Upbeat have found a means of turning whey protein into a tasty drink. Their drinks are perfect any time of the day, whether you miss breakfast or you need a snack in-between lectures we recommend stocking up on these. Each drink contains half the sugar of most fruit juices, and are under 150kcal. Upbeat drinks are available in Tesco, Little Waitrose, Holland & Barrett, WHSmiths and Ocado, RRSP £1.79 for a 250ml bottle.

Benefits of protein

upbeat protien review

Common belief is that you do not need too much protein unless you’re weight training. Protein is good for a number of things, as such we need to ensure that we have a steady intake of protein per day. Protein can be used to reduce hunger, lose fat and preserve muscle and help improve your immune system.

These drinks are certainly flavoursome, and are a healthy alternative to snacking. Make sure you check their website, and follow them on twitter for further information.

Thank you for reading!

Disclaimer: we were sent some samples to review, however all opinions are our own!