Gillette ProGlide Power Razor Review

You probably have spotted this product in-stores, and across a vast number of online retailers. The Gillette ProGlide Power Razor is a must have, and a grooming necessity. The standard fusion design has been upgraded to now offer a comfortable shave. This razor is bound to become one of your favourite products.

The Gillette ProGlide Power Razor




This light-weight electronic razor has rubber grips, and looks the part.The razor features thinner blades, with an enhanced lubrastrip that is 25% bigger. The razor even has an improved blade suspension system, as well as featuring a MicroComb to guide shaves.


The ProGlide Power Razor has thinner, and finer blades. This means that the razor glides over stubble, rather than the common tug-and-pull. If you aren’t familiar with the concept tug-and-pull, this refers to general disposable razors where you have to put effort in simply to remove even the tinniest bit of stubble.

The thinner blades allow for a cleaner shave, resulting in a clean wet-shave without spending minutes consistently going over the same patch. As mentioned, the low-resistance coating lets the blades glide through hair thoroughly meaning less blotchiness and the odd stubble.

The improved blade suspension helps maintain precise blade shape through the shave. And, the MicroComb on the razor helps guide stubble to the blade effortlessly, with the comfort guard helping to clear away excess shave prep.

Shaving Results

The razor makes shaving a lot easier, and ten times quicker. It also makes shaving more comfortable, and does remove even the thickest of stubble.

This is a razor that is perfect for any student, with prices starting from £13.99 at Boots. Rather than investing in multiple packets of disposable razors throughout the year invest in one of these. The electronic feature makes shaving so much easier. Also, be sure to invest in the Gillette Fusions HydraGel for a better shave.

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Disclaimer: we were sent a razor to review, however all opinions are our own.