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Healthy way of beating a hangover

Cooking can be a tedious task when hungover. When you’ve had too many drinks, the odds are that you’ve probably woken up with a splitting headache. Probably one of the worst things about freshers week, is that you’re going to spend most of your time hungover (kind of). Nonetheless, we’ve all experienced hangovers. The conditions of hangovers vary, but you will probably find you’ve got a massive headache, fatigue, nausea, dizziness, and various other symptoms.

The most common hangover mistake: believing fatty food will help. You’re more than likely going to irritate your hangover by tucking into something greasy. So, you might be wondering what the healthy options are?

Amy’s Kitchen

Here at Uni Student Life we are firm supporters of healthy eating. And, we know it can be hard at times - especially being a student. Therefore, we have decided to enlighten our readers by informing you about a brand we love - Amy’s Kitchen.

Amy’s Kitchen is a family run business, which offers a range of delicious healthy meals. These meals take little to no time to prepare, and as mentioned prior - taste great!

When it comes to freshers week, finding the time to cook is going to be a struggle. Then again you will also want something filling, but yet very easy to cook/prepare. Amy’s kitchen provides a bunch of healthy vegetarian dishes, that will easily full-fill your needs. Regardless if you’re a meat eater, we all know that vegetarian meals taste great.

Why we love Amy’s Kitchen

  • Food that tastes homemade
  • Meals come from natural ingredients
  • Its all vegetarian
  • They have a range of healthy meals from pizzas to soups
  • The meals are easy to prepare
  • A variety of meals, such as: burritos and wraps, pizzas, veggie burgers, indian meals, pot pies and soups. With their meals all being gluten free and organically sourced.

Amy’s Kitchen Soups

If you’re looking to stock up on food to help you survive your hungover days at university we would recommend the soups. Their soups are low in fat and sugars, and dairy free. If you have a gap between lectures these soups can be a quick snack. Or, if you’re not feeling too great these soups will certainly brighten your day.

Make sure to check out their website for further information concerning products.

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Disclaimer: we were sent some products to review, however all opinions are our own.