Male Grooming Shaving Tips

Spend less time getting ready before big nights out at University.

Face it. Getting ready can be a tedious task, especially when you’re hung over from the previous night. It is essential that you look your best, without the hassle of spending a long time getting ready.

Less time spent getting ready = more time partying

As a male in today’s metrosexual society, it’s pivotal that you look the part. At the same time, you probably don’t want to appear arrogant by taking 2 hours preparing for that big night out. Anyway, the more time you spend getting ready the less time you have with your new flat mates.

As every male knows shaving can be deemed as one of those tedious tasks. Shaving in your new communal toilet eats into that precious time. Especially after your house mates have been in there, and all you’re left with is a steamed mirror. We have all been there:  trying to wipe the condensation off for it to come back no sooner than you’ve had time to grab the razor.

Throw down your disposable shavers and invest in a Braun series 3 shaver

Do you find it hard to getting rid of 3 day stubble?  Are you constantly fighting with a razor to perfect your look? Well now is your chance to invest in a lifelong razor. Braun razors deliver high performance whilst minimising skin irritation. Be sure to check their website out here.

Why Braun?

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It is perfect for those aggravating small sinks and tiny mirrors. The best thing is the Braun Series 3-380 and 3-340 give men the versatility of using it in the shower, with foams and gels. Something plenty of other electronic razors cannot handle!

Our Braun 3-380 Review

braun series 3 razor

If you are looking for a long lasting shaver, which can give you that wet shave look now’s your chance to invest.  The Braun Series 3-380 is perfect for removing short and long hairs in a single stroke.

My reasonably lengthy weekend stubble was removed easily. Unlike other electronic shavers; there was no need to go over the same areas again. Before I would dedicate a good lengthy 20 to 30 minutes ensuring that I have reached all areas, the Braun 3-380 cut time down by half. Cleaning the razor was pretty simple, and the fact that the razor was able to be used in the shower was an added bonus. Let’s not beat around the bush, the Braun 3-380 looks the part. If you suffer from post-shave irritation this razor is perfect - leaving little to no irritation.

The pros

  • Gives a fresh wet look without the hassle of using disposable razors
  • Was able to deal with tough lengthy stubble
  • No need to re-shave the same area
  • Minimised the time spent shaving
  • Versatility of using in the shower (added bonus)
  • Battery life has remained intact after multiple uses
  • Cleaning the razor was pretty simplistic and easy

The cons

  • None so far


If you are spending a fortune on disposable razors (we know they aren’t cheap) then its time you invested in something that is long lasting, and perfect for removing irritating stubble. We know that shaving can increase the amount of time needed to get ready. So, invest in Braun to ensure that you aren’t late for that big night out.

The Braun Series 3 razors are available at all leading healthy/beauty stores, such as boots.

Make sure to follow Braun on twitter for updates on new products, and some pretty funny/awesome pictures.

Thank you for reading!

Disclaimer: we were sent a razor to test from Braun, however all opinions are our own!