ODDKA vodka flavours & Review

I do not know how many various types of vodka there are around, apart from the main ones. Nevertheless, ODDKA is a brand that stands out, not only for their great design/branding. But, for the multiple number of flavours they have available.

If you drink vodka you will be in for a treat. As their flavours range from Wasabi through to fresh cut grass. Oh, they even have an electricity-flavoured vodka. Weird? Definitely.

Price-wise these vodkas cost roughly the same as a bottle of Smirnoff red (£12.50). The only catch being they’re 500ml, instead of the normal 700ml. In essence you get less booze, but a great bottle to keep as a candle holder - If thats your thing.

What of the Vodka Review

If you’re heading out you might want to stick to the original, or even spice up your vodka lemonade, with the watermelon flavour. Nevertheless, these abnormal Vodka flavours are bound to make the perfect shots (or surprise shots).

So if you want to get your mates drunk, spice up your pre drinks by having your mates do shots at random. And, see if they can guess which one they’ve drunk.

The cocktail making

Lets be real here: you aren’t going to drink fresh cut grass vodka neat. As such, throwing it into a cocktail probably would be the best idea. Thats unless you’re running late to pre’s and simply need to get pissed (don’t worry we’ve all been there).

ODDKA list a number of cocktails on their website worth checking, using various ODDKA flavours. Apart from the electricity vodka - which is supposedly best for shots. We managed to get our hands on three flavours: salted caramel, electricity and watermelon.

Out of the three, watermelon was our favourite. Great for complimenting a glass lemonade, or making watermelon cosmo’s. The other two being suitable as forfeit shots.


The price may be slightly higher than that of a 700ml bottle of glens. Generally, these vodkas are strange - in a good way. I’ve never been a fan of salted caramel, nor do i like the taste of electricity (the strange taste you get after licking a battery - we’ve all done it). But, watching others suffer is fun and my house mates were loving the electricity flavour. So give these various flavours a try, and let us know which one you prefer.

Thank you for reading, and we hope you enjoyed this ODDKA review

Disclaimer: we were sent a couple of bottles to try for freshers 2014, however all opinions are our own. Also please remember to drink responsibly.