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If you’re in the process of deciding whether to bring a printer to University, and still wondering if you should. We definitely would recommend bringing one. Having a printer is handy for many reasons. One of these being: that you wont need to rush down to University last minute to print off your assignment. Anyway, if you’ve already decided to bring a printer we have some handy tips and information which we thought we would share.


printer server
The xPrintServer from Lantronix enables users to print direct from their mobile devices without the hassle of sending files over to their computer first. The server eliminates the need to print through apps or using set software. These servers are very handy, especially when it comes to students. Students need not worry about sending notes from their tablets to their computer before printing. Instead, printing has been made easier. The two main servers are the xPrint Server Home Edition (for iOS devices) and the xPrint Server Cloud Edition (for android devices).Why we love these servers


Why we love these servers

  • Easy to use and setup
  • The ability of printing our notes direct from our tablet/mobile device
  • Ability to print pictures direct from our mobile devices
  • Saves a lot of time, so no need to get up early to print off your assignment

The printer servers do not require any additional software or drivers - so any non-technical person can easily set them up; as it auto detects and auto provisions. Both devices require no direct change to a network or installation of any software or apps. The xPrinterServer works with more than 4,000 top brand USB and network printers, so there is no need to buy a new printer.

Face it: you’re going to have a copious amount of notes from lectures, which you’re most likely to type up on your tablet or laptop. So, these servers are great to have considering the amount of notes you will need to print out.

Both servers are priced reasonably well, with the iOS Home Edition costing £60 and the Android version retailing at £91. They also look great, and are about the same size of an iPhone 4! Whether you’re in need of printing off pictures to decorate your walls, or in need of printing out an assignment. We certainly recommend the Lantronix xPrintServer, be sure to check out their website for other great products.

Thank you for reading, and be sure to see our other freshers articles here!

Disclaimer: we were sent these products to review, all opinions expressed are our own.