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Your ultimate guide to freshers 2014

Face it. You’re heading to University, and you probably don’t know what to expect, apart from plenty of booze and probably the best time of your lives. But, like all novices you’re probably turning to the internet as a source for information. Here at Uni Student Life, we decided to offer our readers tips and information through this ultimate freshers guide.

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Freshers Week Tips

Here are our top freshers tips, so that you have an enjoyable stress free time.

Moving into halls/or a new place freshers week tips

  • Arrive early! This is so that you have enough time to scout your campus or new halls of residence. As well as having enough time to unpack, and get settled in.
  • Keep your door open. Your going to have to meet people at some stage so keep your door open so you can say hi.
  • Make your first buddy. Why? Well because everyone is going to be new, and you will need someone to go knocking around your halls. Plus, you will be less nervous in a pair.
  • Don’t be shy. Everyone is in the same boat. Someone is going to need to break the ice at some stage, so let it be yourself.
  • Get your parents out of there. Your parents will probably want to stick around for a bit, but the longer they stay the more likely it is you wont be able to meet new people.
  • Find course mates, its a lot harder to meet people on your course than it is to make new friends. If you find someone whom is on your course get their number, and make a pact to attend the first lecture together.
  • If you’ve made buddies through Facebook University groups make an effort to say hi to them.

Getting to know your University

  • If you’ve explored campus already, make sure to take note of where you’re studying. You probably will be hungover for your first lecture, so knowing your surroundings will cut down time looking for lecture theatres.
  • Explore the University with your new buddies/flat mates so that you know where the nearest: shop is, SU bar and all other nifty places you might be hanging out at.
  • Pro Freshers Tip: find out where the nearest cash machine is at.

Societies & Freshers Fair

  • You’ve probably heard it before. Sign up to everything and anything.
  • Don’t fear if you’ve never tried anything before. Newbies are welcome, so you don’t have to be a pro to sign-up.
  • Put your name down on the mailing list for anything that interests you.
  • Societies usually charge a small fee, but you can buy membership at later dates.
  • More main-stream sports may need a fair bit of experience to join the team, however they usually have a number of teams.
  • Take advantage of all freebies on offer. Look out for club promoters handing free entry wrist bands for Facebook likes. The next couple of nights out after freshers could be free for you.

Going Out

  • Stick to the group you’re going out with. If you’re a walker, make sure that you have everyones number.
  • Make sure you know your way around town, so you aren’t walking around like a headless chicken.
  • Have a few taxi numbers saved on your phone/jotted down somewhere incase you get lost.
  • If you and your group need directions there are bound to be a few promoters around to help.
  • It may sound silly but ensure that your phone is fully charged before heading out.
  • Your freshers week pack probably will include information about what night is on and when. But, find out about weekly student nights.


  • Plan your weekly expenditure.
  • Do not overspend unless needed.
  • Set aside any money you have saved over summer for freshers week. There may be cheap drinks, but drinking for two weeks straight can mount up.
  • Find out where your cheapest supermarket is located, so that you are not overspending in the SU shop.
  • Also, keep an eye-out for cheap pound shop so that you do not overspend on toiletries and other necessities.

Food & Drink

  • As mentioned, keep an eye-out for  the cheapest/nearest supermarket.
  • Plan ahead, set aside a fixed budget for food per week. And, make sure you stick to it.
  • Bring out a set sum with you on a night out. It might be tempting to take your card out, but like the majority of people budgeting is key.
  • Keep emergency rations of tinned food. If you run out that tomato soup may be your savour.
  • Ensure that you are eating healthy, and that you have a balanced diet.
  • Work-out what is communal and what isn’t. Communal food usually ends up being: milk, butter and bread. Spreading the cost saves money.
  • Never let food go to waste, if you have any left-overs you can refreeze it and eat at a later date.
  • Cooking for each other can help cut costs.
  • Look for supermarket deals on booze and food.
  • Pro Freshers tip: find out when supermarkets reduce their prices on items going out of date. You usually can eat this on the day, or the next (depending on what it is).

But, remember that staying safe is the most important factor here. So, don’t do anything that your parents wouldn’t want you to do! Be sure to check our Freshers 2014 category page for a ton of great articles surrounding freshers week.