Getting Asked About Your Student Sex Life In An Interview

Bournemouth University students asked about their sex life when applying for a student union job. The students were asked how many people they’d slept with, when they were being interviewed for a job at the student union bar at the end of last year.

Content wide-Bournemouth University LogoAccording to the Guardian, fresher’s applying for the position were asked formal sex questions to help them relax. We can think of plenty of other reasons why the interview would ask such questions.

Questions like these were reportedly asked.

How many people you’ve slept with?’

‘Have you kissed anyone of the same sex?’

‘Have you ever slept with or kissed anyone of the same sex?’

‘Icebreaker’ games such as sitting in groups and tossing a ball around, and then saying whether the students would ‘fuck, marry or avoid’ the others that the ball landed next to were used.

getting asked about sex

All that to work behind a bar, or are the managers just lads?

A student afterwards said that she was boycotting the place, and is scared of applying for other jobs due to the process.

The venue manager

The venue manager


One of the managers, mentioned that candidates were welcome to ‘remove themselves from the situation’ if they did not feel comfortable with the questions. Surprisingly nearly all of the managers are male, expect one. One of our female writers commented that it was expected they ask these questions, and that she based this judgement on the managements appearance. To read the full article click here.

The technical manger

The technical manager

What is the worst question you’ve ever been asked when applying for a student job?

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