20 minute society

Some pretty weird student Societies

There are some pretty weird societies at university. Everyone knows about the sports, music and drama societies. If you’re bored of these generic societies, why not try something different? And, if you’re joining University in 2014, make sure you keep your eye out for any weird societies and defiantly join them!

Human’s Vs Zombies

student zombies weird university society

Many universities have similar clubs, simply under different names. The ‘Brunel Zombie Society’ mentioned how as a society they go on trips to London, Leicester and Brighton, plus all kinds of places for festivals. Their most popular event hosted by them is a monthly Humans Vs Zombies survival battle. We bet their Halloween parties are pretty epic!

The Twenty Minute Society

20 minute society

The Twenty Minute society is one of the largest societies at Newcastle University, with around 500 members. The society is very unique, where the concept is based on that members do not know what activity awaits them till they arrive. A text is usually sent out 20 minutes before each event supplying the member info about where to meet. The best thing about this society is that they have a mystery holiday every year; previous destinations have included Prague, Amsterdam and Dublin (who doesn’t want to go on holiday for £50.00). You have to be sane mad to not to join the twenty minute society.

The Fetish Society

fetish society university

Birmingham’s fetish university has generated plenty of rumours, with one past rumour being that they were the “only society with permission to shag on campus”. The actual society is to give members a safe, no-pressure environment for them to provide education on fetishes. Apparently, a great place for people to relax and explore their sexuality.


stitch and bitch society

Not exactly the weirdest, but a society for… erm ‘stitching’ followed with a load of bitching. Knitting is now a cool trend. Leeds University Stitch’n’Bitch mentions that there are frequent socials to keep them stitching and bitching. The society allows users to learn the basics, and there is no membership – crazy we know.

The SackSoc Society

sack society university

Sack racing, your favourite school sports day race. If you fancy training/getting fit we would recommend this one. The University of Liverpool sack racing society is said to be the hottest new society on campus with 81 members and growing.

The Humus Society

Humus society university

If you love humus, then you will be in for a treat. A very popular society across a number of Universities in the UK. Why? Well simply because everyone loves humus. The ideology being that you meet up, eat some humus, and have a number of drinking games using humus! No we made the last one up. Sussex University are said to be the leading pioneers of Humus societies in the UK.

Other Weird Societies:

  • Assassins Society (Durham University)
  • Gentlemanly Pursuits (University of Keele)
  • Nerdfighters (Manchester Met)
  • Mario Kart Society (Essex University)
  • Tiddlywinks Society (Oxford and Cambridge)
  • Sheila and her dog (Cambridge)
  • Custard Wrestling Society (Cardiff University)
  • The Kettle Society (University of Nottingham)
  • Competitive eating Society (Kent University)
  • Lemon Fanta Society (University of York)
  • The pirate Soicety (Sussex University)

We could name them all……