student takes selfie next to dead body

Student takes selfie next to a dead body

I am sure there was a time when taking a selfie was shameful, well not anymore. Apparently, selfies are a norm. They are even in the dictionary. Don’t get me wrong, I love an actual good quality selfie but some of the shit I see floating around social media is getting boring.

The Selfie Statistics

We thought we’d share some stats about selfies. There are too many hashtag variations to actually list them, but here are the popular ones. Let’s just say that selfies are fucking popular on social media. These statics have been, noted today - 11/02/2014 and are bound to increase.


  • #selfie – 76,594,550 posts
  • #selfies – 7,136,592 posts
  • #selfiesunday – 6,219,200 posts
  • #selfienation – 1,027,213 posts


  • Selfie – 19,300,000 results

A Google search of ‘how to take a…..’

student selfie google search

The Oxford Dictionary

Added to the dictionary August 2013!

student selfie dead body viral

selfie at funeralOh if you hadn’t seen, there is a dedicated page on tumblr about selfies at funerals.

In this instance the unnamed student in Alabama has provoked online fury. She is seen posing for the picture next to a cadaver (a corpse for students to dissect).

The selfie was apparently taken during a school trip to the University of Alabama. Nonetheless, mobile phones were meant to be banned on the trip. Her school have yet to punish her, but are in discussions over the appropriate punishment. We bet she will probably just get banned from using social media at school.


Oh, but check these selfies taken from the selfie Olympics facebook page, and make sure you like us on facebook:


student selfie on top of the world


seflie gone wrong

surgery student selfie