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Student Valentine’s Stories

A quick browse of the web highlights how practical modern society is. There are a large number of articles mentioning ‘how to survive Valentine’s Day single’. These are the reasons why you don’t need to survive Valentine’s and talk to arrogant couples. Rather, Valentine’s for students is probably one of the best nights out.

Anyway here are some of our amazing student stories to inspire you to just go out, have a couple of drinks and enjoy being a student who is single.

Too Clingy

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I met this girl on Valentines last year (on a Thursday), the morning after I was feeling slightly worse for wear. In fact, the hangover was very bad I ended up missing my 11am lecture but that was my excuse for kicking her out. I had been complaining about not having any food, and being hungry since waking up. I received a text from her around noon asking whether I had eaten, I replied I hadn’t and that I had just got home (a blatant lie as I had been in bed since kicking her out). She ended up rocking up with a large Big Mac meal including the free NUS cheeseburger to surprise me. Probably the sweetest thing anyone has ever done after a knowing that person for a day. However, when she finally left on Monday morning I never replied to her texts or answered her calls after that. You don’t need to be in a relationship to enjoy the perks. - Student at Bristol University

Dirty Dundee

A group of us headed to Dundee last year for a night out on Valentine’s as Edinburgh would be swamped by loving couples, worse than St. Andrews. I ended up meeting this girl in a club. She invited me back to her halls, I dutifully went along. After about 10 minutes or so kissing her, she started fumbling around in her draw. I was confused as to what she was doing, and very intoxicated so I presumed she was looking for a condom. She ended up pulling out a massive freaking dildo. And, I kid you not said ‘welcome to dirty Dundee I want you to use this on me’. Of course I did. The best Valentine’s Day ever. – Student at Edinburgh University

Barn Fun

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I took this girlfriend out on a night out; I didn’t tell her what we were going to do afterwards I ended up taking to her to a barn in the middle of nowhere after one-too-many tequilas. At the time I thought she would enjoy it. But, she wasn’t too happy, and when she told her friends they called me a creep. Obviously I thought it was a romantic shout at the time. - Student at Kent University

Puke, and more Puke

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I met this guy two years ago; it was a Wednesday so we met at Oceana in Brighton. I was a fresher at the time, and he was a second year. I brought him back to my halls; he seemed fine at first. We were both drunk, but as soon as he got into my room he pushed past me and vomited between my bed and desk. I felt bad and let him stay, he stained my bed sheets and ruined some heels which were on the floor. Two years later we are still together. I just hope he makes it up to me. – Student at Sussex University


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I woke up next to my good friend, and also her best mate (the girl I had been trying to get with since the start of fresher’s). We were all butt naked, wish I could have relived that night again. – Student at Leeds University

Caught out

Not very ladylike, but I told my boyfriend at the time that I couldn’t meet him because I was working. Being completely honest I felt guilty he had bought me loads of stuff, whereas I hadn’t got him anything. His mates (the majority being girls and at better local university) all saw me completely drunk dancing away at the best student club on a Thursday. He ended it a week later. - Oxford Met

These are some of our funny prior Valentine’s university experiences. You do not need to survive Valentine’s, but rather make the most of it. Guarantee every other person clubbing/out tonight is single. Bring on Valentine’s 2014! And, let us know about any funny stories that have happened to you! Oh, and like us on Facebook!