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Thousands of university students returned home just before Christmas after a week on the slopes for their annual University Christmas ski trips.

If you’re a university student, that loves snowsports and boozing then the annual Christmas University ski trip should be on your list of things to do! Right now many university students have returned from week long trips to a number of great ski locations in the Alps. It is fair to state that these trips are far from refined. If you didn’t manage to make the trip expect to hear stories of the vast amounts of alcohol consumed, tales of fornication and crazy off piece sessions. Ski resorts this time of year are flooded by uni students, travel companies ensure that there are a number of universities per resort which helps increase the level of competition between the universities.

All of student ski trips start with a delightful game of port-to-port. If you’re unaware of port-to-port, its where you sit and eat a ton of cheese, and (try) drink a bottle of your finest/cheapest port. Not that anyone genuinely enjoys port in large quantities, nonetheless its a custom for all uni student ski trips to start on a positive note. (If you do want to make it even more festive don your Christmas jumper and your beanie)

Student ski trips are wild, and the skiers/ boarders will definitely need more than a day’s rest to revive from the trip. Varsity trips such as these allow students that have a passion for snowsports, or drinking to take full advantage of cheap holidays. You can be a beginner and learn to ski/board for probably the cheapest ski holiday ever. With base prices usually starting at around £300.00 for the uni ski trips. Snowsport university holiday makers even promise students cheap drinks, free club nights and a week long trip that they will never forget.

University of Brighton Ski and Snowboard Club

As well as this students get to take full advantage of the slopes, and the holidays cater for all abilities. The booking process is simple with the ability to choose rentals, lessons or insurance packages. To secure a place on the trip a deposit is required, with an additional damage deposit being taken when the full payment it made. Rest assured that the damage deposit will go to good use when returned (i.e on booze) as students receive this deposit back at their ski socials.  A large number of snowsport clubs are currently revealing their Easter trips with students returning in the next couple of weeks.

What happens on the trip stays on the trip

The resorts chosen by the travel companies usually have a number of great bars and clubs. Depending on the size of the university ski/snowboard club they each are given a select bar to host their pre-drinks and pre-club socials, later descending on one nightclub for a night of mayhem. So don’t tell us that you’re not interested for your next uni student ski trip!

Yeah, a student boarding with a tiger on his back. (C) Cardiff Snowsports

On top of this there are a number of great bars and nightclubs to take advantage of, après ski probably will never be better. The university skiers and boarders all end up at the same après ski bar, where a number of DJ’s are spinning tracks; drinking games are on-the-go and there is an opportunity to strip down and simply get naked.

Fancy dress

(C) Leeds Met Snowsports University Ski Trip

What trip is not complete without a specific dress code? We caught up with UWE (University of the west England) snowsports to find out what they had been up to at Les Deux Aples. The first night out in Les Deux Aples consisted of a ‘tight and bright theme’ with Jelly wrestling held at Yeti bar, and they were quick to mention it was messy. Some of the other nights were pirate and Christmas themed. Oh, and definitely worth declaring they had a retro ski theme for the day trip to Alpe D’Huez. UWE snowsports is one of the biggest social clubs at the University, and they certainly do know how to party.

If you haven’t been on a University ski trip you haven’t lived

(C) SKUM - The University of Manchester Ski & Snowboard Club Student Ski Trip 2014

We caught up with SKUM (The University of Manchester Ski & Snowboard Club), to find out what they had got up to this year at Val Thornes. For their Easter trip they are off to Andorra the tax free haven between France and Spain.

“The week was amazing”


We got the gist that the holiday was pretty mental; the club hosts some of the best socials and trips at The University of Manchester. From our Facebook feed its clear that a lot of skiing was done, and plenty of drinking for all the students who were away.

Joining University in 2014

If you are joining university and enjoy skiing/boarding, or you’re interested in trying it out it is worth talking to your university snowsport club, we would certainly recommend the trips and the socials. Beginner or advanced skier the slopes will become your second home, and the hangovers that will follow will be worth it.

(C) Cardiff Snowsports - Uni Ski Trip

If you’re joining University make sure that you have your University ski trip on your to-do-list, and that you’ve already started saving. And, if you’re thinking of joining one sports team this year - forget those mediocre sports clubs and join the snowsports society as you’re bound to have one of the best times on your Uni student ski trip.

A massive shoutout to all Uni snowsport clubs that were happy with us using their pictures, and make sure you enjoy your next uni ski trip!