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Product Reviews

Uni Student Life features a number of reviews and good quality content for students. If you believe that your product will be of benefit to students please contact us here. We only undertake product reviews if the we believe that the product will be of interest to students, and the information will be useful and relevant. We tend to cover a range of products from fashion related to products to technology.


Do you have a competition you are looking to run directed towards students, we would be more than happy to host the competition for you. If you would like to find out further information, please contact us through our contact form. Our site is aimed at students aged 16-25, thus all prizes would need to fit this target audience.

Sponsored Posts/Guest Posts

We sometimes offer sponsored/guest posts; we only accept posts that are relevant towards students. The information will need to be beneficial and informing, therefore do not contact us unless you have something that will be of interest to our readers.


We have a small bit of advertising space available per month, contact us for further information.

Site information

This site is created to offer students a wide range of information to help make their lives easier whilst at university. We try to offer content that will help students save money, help them with their studies and generally ensure that their time at university is well spent. This site is not-for-profit, thus we value our readers opinions.